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Federal Court Rules Body Scanners Constitutional

July 15, 2011


Federal Court Rules Body Scanners Constitutional   Does this surprise you in the least? The opinion of the court basically says, without boring the snot out of all of you, is that the TSA gives ample opportunity to use other means of being searched, so there is no unconstitutional search involved. Here is the problem […]

TSA Searches Woman with Big Hair, Says Searches Must Continue

July 7, 2011


TSA Searches Woman with Big Hair, Says Searches Must Continue   It seems I am always writing about the TSA, even though half the time I question why I take the time to write about something that none of you out there seem to care about anyway. This is a fair assessment, in my opinion, […]

Texas Senate Approves Reworked TSA Legislation, Alex Jones Out to Protest

June 28, 2011


Texas Senate Approves Reworked TSA Legislation, Alex Jones Out to Protest   While we have talked a lot about the TSA in recent months, Texas has been working on legislation that would stop TSA from conducting the pat down’s and searches that they have become famous for over the past year or so. A few […]

TSA Defends Search of 95 Year Old Woman

June 27, 2011


TSA Defends Search of 95 Year Old Woman I thought I would take a few minutes out of my day, while I am on the road, and write about this disgusting issue that seems to be taking the social media by storm the past couple of days. Again we are talking about the TSA and […]

Teaxs Senate Will Not Vote On Groping Legislation

May 25, 2011


It has been a few days since I wrote anything, so I thought this is the best place to start. It seems that the Federal Government threatened to cancel flights coming out of Texas if they passed legislation making illegal TSA’s pat down procedures. Because of this, the state Senate has chosen not to take […]

TSA Says Constitution on Their Side

May 15, 2011


TSA Response to Texas Legislation When I read this I almost lost it. Right off the bat, the person writing this piece for the TSA said that the Supremacy clause in our Constitution allowed them to make laws that the states just had to deal with and there would be no recourse except to vote […]