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More Obama Threats to Veto Spending Cuts

July 19, 2011


More Obama Threats to Veto Spending Cuts   I was just talking about this topic last night on the show, and more than likely will continue to bring it up because of the dire need for the cuts that are being proposed. Although I would like to see far more cuts and a drastic change, […]

What’s Race Got to Do With It?

July 17, 2011


Jackson Lee: Congress complicating debt ceiling because Obama is black   When I first heard these comments I thought to myself that maybe I misunderstood. We all have times when we misunderstand what someone is saying, and in politics it happens almost on a daily basis. But the more I read and heard the words […]

New Weapons From Iran in Iraq, Afghanistan

July 2, 2011


New Weapons From Iran in Iraq, Afghanistan   This is not a huge surprise to me or anyone else who has followed this for a while, but Iran is STILL sending these weapons into Iraq and Afghanistan and we are doing nothing about it. This is like us allowing Mexican drug lords to come into […]