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More Obama Threats to Veto Spending Cuts

July 19, 2011


More Obama Threats to Veto Spending Cuts   I was just talking about this topic last night on the show, and more than likely will continue to bring it up because of the dire need for the cuts that are being proposed. Although I would like to see far more cuts and a drastic change, […]

Federal Court Rules Body Scanners Constitutional

July 15, 2011


Federal Court Rules Body Scanners Constitutional   Does this surprise you in the least? The opinion of the court basically says, without boring the snot out of all of you, is that the TSA gives ample opportunity to use other means of being searched, so there is no unconstitutional search involved. Here is the problem […]

TSA Searches Woman with Big Hair, Says Searches Must Continue

July 7, 2011


TSA Searches Woman with Big Hair, Says Searches Must Continue   It seems I am always writing about the TSA, even though half the time I question why I take the time to write about something that none of you out there seem to care about anyway. This is a fair assessment, in my opinion, […]

The 4th of July: Independence and Freedom

July 4, 2011


Not too often we look back and wonder how this country made it to this point that we are at. It has been 235 years since the Declaration of Independence made the 13 colonies at the time free from any bonds that connected them with a ruler thousands of miles away. 235 years seems to […]

New Weapons From Iran in Iraq, Afghanistan

July 2, 2011


New Weapons From Iran in Iraq, Afghanistan   This is not a huge surprise to me or anyone else who has followed this for a while, but Iran is STILL sending these weapons into Iraq and Afghanistan and we are doing nothing about it. This is like us allowing Mexican drug lords to come into […]

Protestors in Madison, WI Disrupt Special Olympics

June 9, 2011


    This is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen in my days. How do you, in good faith, go to the Special Olympics and protest union issues? These union thugs are the worst of the worst kind of people on this planet for what they have done here to these […]

Rep. Weiner X-Rated Photo Shown To Shock Jocks

June 8, 2011


Rep. Weiner X-Rated Photo Shown To Shock Jocks Just yesterday I wrote a blog about this and was wondering why Breitbart would not release this photo when he said he had it. Well, he did not release it, technically. When he was on Opie and Anthony, a radio program on Sirius-XM Radio, he showed the […]