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Federal Court Rules Body Scanners Constitutional

July 15, 2011


Federal Court Rules Body Scanners Constitutional   Does this surprise you in the least? The opinion of the court basically says, without boring the snot out of all of you, is that the TSA gives ample opportunity to use other means of being searched, so there is no unconstitutional search involved. Here is the problem […]

Debt Talks Break Down, President Obama Storms out of Room

July 13, 2011


Debt Talks Break Down, President Obama Storms out of Room   When reading the Politico article, there is some difference in how the meeting went depending on who you talk to. The Democrats say that the Republicans overblown the fact that the President was mad and that he left the room. The Democrats agree he […]

With the Final Space Shuttle Mission, Where Does This Leave Space Exploration?

July 8, 2011


Today we watched the final space shuttle launch, and not without remembering the good days and the bad days of the shuttle program. For many years we have watched men and women leaves the bounds of Earth to go into territory that not all of us know and only a select few have been able […]

President Obama Risks Alienating Base, Independents

June 30, 2011


This is something I have written about many times before, but it seems today it does need to be brought up one more time. We see how the President is approaching what is happening in this country as if none of it really matters all that much, and he has been shown to be two-faced […]

Sen. Durbin Suggests that One Day an Illegal Alien Could be the President

June 30, 2011


Sen. Durbin Suggests that One Day an Illegal Alien Could be the President     Why does this not surprise me? Sen. Durbin has to be one of the dumbest human beings on the face of the Earth, either that or the most naive. He knows for a fact that none of these students could […]

Veteran Checks Wrong Box on Passport App, Faces Charges

June 28, 2011


Veteran Checks Wrong Box on Passport App, Faces Charges Everyday when I wake up, I always think that today will never bring news of something as stupid as the day before. Like every other day, however, I was proven wrong again today when I see that a photographer for the military was arrested and has […]

U.S. Soccer Team Booed in L.A., Final Ceremony Done in All Spanish

June 26, 2011


U.S. Soccer Team Booed Final Ceremony All in Spanish This is where America is, 2011, when Mexico comes to the United States and they are treated as the home team not only by the fans in the stands but the people running the event. If we were in Mexico and they wanted to have the […]