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More Obama Threats to Veto Spending Cuts

July 19, 2011


More Obama Threats to Veto Spending Cuts   I was just talking about this topic last night on the show, and more than likely will continue to bring it up because of the dire need for the cuts that are being proposed. Although I would like to see far more cuts and a drastic change, […]

What’s Race Got to Do With It?

July 17, 2011


Jackson Lee: Congress complicating debt ceiling because Obama is black   When I first heard these comments I thought to myself that maybe I misunderstood. We all have times when we misunderstand what someone is saying, and in politics it happens almost on a daily basis. But the more I read and heard the words […]

Federal Court Rules Body Scanners Constitutional

July 15, 2011


Federal Court Rules Body Scanners Constitutional   Does this surprise you in the least? The opinion of the court basically says, without boring the snot out of all of you, is that the TSA gives ample opportunity to use other means of being searched, so there is no unconstitutional search involved. Here is the problem […]

Debt Talks Break Down, President Obama Storms out of Room

July 13, 2011


Debt Talks Break Down, President Obama Storms out of Room   When reading the Politico article, there is some difference in how the meeting went depending on who you talk to. The Democrats say that the Republicans overblown the fact that the President was mad and that he left the room. The Democrats agree he […]

With the Final Space Shuttle Mission, Where Does This Leave Space Exploration?

July 8, 2011


Today we watched the final space shuttle launch, and not without remembering the good days and the bad days of the shuttle program. For many years we have watched men and women leaves the bounds of Earth to go into territory that not all of us know and only a select few have been able […]

TSA Searches Woman with Big Hair, Says Searches Must Continue

July 7, 2011


TSA Searches Woman with Big Hair, Says Searches Must Continue   It seems I am always writing about the TSA, even though half the time I question why I take the time to write about something that none of you out there seem to care about anyway. This is a fair assessment, in my opinion, […]

Harvard Study Finds 4th of July Parades are More For Republicans

June 30, 2011


Harvard Study Finds 4th of July Parades are More For Republicans   This is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard in my life, but yet it drew me to write one of these blogs today because I think we all need to understand that this Harvard study is full of it. The […]