Debt Talks Break Down, President Obama Storms out of Room

Posted on July 13, 2011


Debt Talks Break Down, President Obama Storms out of Room


When reading the Politico article, there is some difference in how the meeting went depending on who you talk to. The Democrats say that the Republicans overblown the fact that the President was mad and that he left the room. The Democrats agree he was mad, but not so clear about how mad this meeting actually was for the two sides.

That is neither here nor there for me at this point. I am looking for these individuals to get a job done for the American people and they cannot get it done. All they have to do is work together and they cannot even do that, so the President thinks that he will win in the court of public opinion while the Republicans believe the same. Only time will tell, but there is some news on the polls and how people feel about the debt ceiling. I will be discussing that on tonight’s show, but until then I wanted to write about why nothing can get done. Both sides will not budge which means the President will have to make a decision when the time comes on what will be paid and what will not be paid.

This is good in some respects, if we could cut down on the spending and actually get to work on things that we can save money on. Nothing will get done if the President decides to politicize this issue and use older Americans and the military as pawns in a war of politics against the right. Not even the left can say that they would be in favor of the President using older Americans as pawns in this game, it is just not right. There WILL be enough money to pay for the social security benefits of the older citizens, but telling people that there will not be the money gets them scared and in the end will help the President on this issue.

The number one thing the American people want is the economy back and the spending to stop. This is what they want and the people in Washington cannot give it to them. Why is it that they cannot give the people this when at the end of the day this is what the American people are screaming for? We NEED entitlement reform if the President wants to admit it or not. We need tax reform, if the President or those in Congress want to admit it. It is time for a major overhaul of the system, and only time will tell if those in Washington have the guts to stand up and do it, or if they will allow this crisis to get worse and the American people to suffer.

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