TSA Searches Woman with Big Hair, Says Searches Must Continue

Posted on July 7, 2011


TSA Searches Woman with Big Hair, Says Searches Must Continue


It seems I am always writing about the TSA, even though half the time I question why I take the time to write about something that none of you out there seem to care about anyway. This is a fair assessment, in my opinion, because if more people actually cared about these searches and raised hell about them, then they would cease to continue. In this case, however, they continue because many people want to feel safe when they get on a plane. Because they want to feel safe they believe that the TSA should be able to touch them where ever they would like to touch them, even the hair!

Yes, the hair. I know it seems illogical to complain about touching hair when people are being molested and touched in places that would land an individual in jail, but this is just another sign that the TSA sees no bounds in the work that they have to do. The TSA has again said they need to search people in this manner, and with news this week that terror organizations will try and surgically implant bombs in them before a flight, these searches are going no where soon.

This makes me wonder if we have any control of anything anymore when we go out into public. There are been many searches done to individuals that boggle the mind, or at least my mind anyway. If this individual has to be searches because she has big hair, then will someone have to be searched if they are wearing tight pants and they have a bulge? It may sound silly, but it is an honest question. The TSA has taken so many liberties in the way they search people, I cannot believe anyone flies anymore. I am planning a trip for the end of the year and I wonder if I even want to fly or if I should take an extra week and just drive to where I am going. We are no safer than we were before these searches, and the TSA knows that to be the truth. They way they search have not made us safer, but many people still believe that to be truth.

Until the people who are flying raise up and take a stand against this injustice, then we are no more safe from the terrorists than we are TSA. If they are allowed to touch people in this way just in the name of security, then this nation is in more trouble than I originally thought. There have been a handful of people who have been recorded standing up against the injustice at the airports, but it seems no one in Washington cares. This is not even an issue to them. Liberties are being struck in the name of security and only a handful of representatives will even discuss it.

The people are screaming for help and those who we have elected to represent us are doing nothing to stop the injustice that has been created years ago and made worse in the past few years. If these kinds of searches do not make you sick to your stomach, then I do not think there is any help for you!

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