New Weapons From Iran in Iraq, Afghanistan

Posted on July 2, 2011


New Weapons From Iran in Iraq, Afghanistan


This is not a huge surprise to me or anyone else who has followed this for a while, but Iran is STILL sending these weapons into Iraq and Afghanistan and we are doing nothing about it. This is like us allowing Mexican drug lords to come into the United States and buy weapons and then leave again. We are allowing weapons to be passed on to the people we are fighting while we are trying to leave the country. What stops those who we are fighting in these countries from hoarding these weapons until we leave and unleash hell once our troops are down to a small enough number? Something does not smell right.

Iran has been a thorn in the side of any kind of peace possibility for many years now, and we should be concerned that they would pass along these weapons that could and have put our troops in danger. Earlier this week the Iranians test fired missiles capable of reaching Israel and also our troops in the Middle East, something I thought we would take more seriously. It seems, however, we will just go back to the United Nations and give more sanctions. When will we learn this does not work? On a special edition of Conservative T & T at 3am EST, we will be talking about this in further detail.

One must ask if we are going to take this threat seriously or not, or are we going to wait until something bad happens to take revenge? It seems to me that if Iran passes weapons to those we are fighting, then in turn they have entered the war on the other side and we have every right to make sure they do not have the capability to do so any longer. That does not mean we go and carpet bomb Iran, but there are ways we could put an end to this without all out war. The Iranians may eventually take it there, but that would be there choice.

We could give them two options: Stop sending weapons into Iraq and Afghanistan and put an end to the missile program, or in 10 days we will be coming after you! Fear is the only thing these kinds of nations know. It may not work with these people because they are off their rocker, but we cannot be pushed around just for the sake of political correctness. If we can take care of this diplomatically, then by all means let us do so. If we cannot, however, let us put the fear of GOD into these people. At the end of the day, ruthless nations only understand force.

Some may say we should not go into this because we are stretched thin and also because it does not concern us. As long as our troops are in that region, it does concern us. When ALL of our troops come home then I will concede we do not have to do anything and Israel can take care of it with their firepower, but I am not one that would allow the troops to sit and be targets for the mentally unstable in the Middle East, that should NOT be an option!

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